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Aventures Des Toiles, which means “adventures on canvas” purchases original pieces of artwork each season, then transfers the art to each of its garments for that season. It’s one of the most cutting-edge lines in Paris, and GreenWeavers is thrilled to bring the adventure to Sayner, Wisconsin.

Beate Heymann, is a German designer with an eye to nature for inspiration on its most fetching designs. This clothing line has a rich, textured look that positively cloaks the skin in elegance. Touch it, and you want to bring it home.


Indies, with its enormously comfortable fabrics and avant-garde designs continues to delight again and again, both abroad and at home.

Komorov, created by renowned Hollywood costume designer and four-time Emmy winner, Shelley Komorov, offers stupendously chic clothing that travels well, is easy to pack when you’re on the go, and looks like a million bucks when you put it on.


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